My idea is based on the images I created in response of the Nude and Naked Task.

IMG_1608 copy IMG_1632 copy IMG_1625 copy IMG_1655 copy IMG_1647 copy

I got a lot of positive response from them, and did find it a very interesting method to try and photograph myself in such a invasive and honest fashion.

People liked the colours of the photos, which I based loosely around that of Nan Goldin’s (as I consider her to take very brutally honest photographs as well), however, I am thinking of taking this in a much more clinical, colder direction.

While taking these photographs, I remembered photographer Erwin Olaf, and the photo series that I discovered him through, ‘Royal Blood’.

Royal Blood is a beautiful yet dark series of images looking at Famous deaths throughout history.

erwin_olaf_-_sissi__1898_0a574a3c erwin-olaf-01_4dff411c erwin-olaf-08_7732fa20

I became inspired by these photographs for this project because of the white, clean, almost medical feel of them. They draw attention to how they died, which can be considered imperfections. I want to do something similar, but in a less conceptual way and more of a medical, clinical fashion.

Henry Hargreaves took photographs of Death Row Inmates last meals before they were executed. He made the photographs themselves very straight on, but with touches of flare here and there like the tablecloth or cutlery. What I am primarily focusing on, is his use of writing in his work.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 01.37.12 Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 01.37.35

The addition of writing in his work gives us extra information and a more in depth reasoning behind the images. The way they are written makes it all seem very crisp and documentary, which is something I think could possibly work well with my images.