My current idea is for my photographs to appear incredibly medical and be brutal analysis on my bodies imperfections.

I liked this idea for a number of reasons.

When I responded to the Nude and Naked task, I did these incredibly close up pictures of my skin and its imperfections as a way to maintain detachment and anonymity from the situation, which when I look back, was a very peculiar way to address my own body.

After considering why I chose this path, I realised that it lied at least partly within how I felt about showing what I was showing.

I am incredibly critical of my own body (something I’m sure many others can sympathise with) and I believe that detaching myself from the photos I was taking made me feel safer about showing the parts of my body I am ashamed of, while also giving people a very truthful insight into how I brutally analyse and obsess over every imperfection on my skin, in quite a medically harsh manner.

This idea puts into physicality how I analyse my own skin, and puts people in the position of being me, seeing every imperfection on my skin, knowing where each one came from and judging them all and myself.

They will be neutral parties being medical examiners of my own personal autopsy, the way I tried to be with my Nude and Naked Response.