For #Picbod, we were also required to create a digital version of our work, that took advantage of the digital medium in a way a physical artefact couldn’t. With this in mind, I decided to create a video that had me speaking about my ideas and thought processes for this project. I wanted to take the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinions of this work in a way that blog posts and books cannot.

I wanted the emotion in my voice to mean something in video, so it is the only sound. I decided to accompany it with different pictures from the the project that didn’t make it into the book, along with some other pictures that help add weight to what I am saying in the video.



I added this photograph in at different points in the video to contrast with my final images. I felt that showing how I like people to perceive me compared to the truth I was showing people would add more weight to how personal this project was for me.

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These images were added in because they were a part of my research about how the media and society places unrealistic expectations of beauty on us. I wanted these in the video because being able to have the right next to my photographs I feel helps people to visualise what I am trying to put across in my project.

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I chose to add video along with the pictures because I still wanted to be able to translate the physicality of the book into the video. I want this video and the book to be noticably connected and this felt like a solid way to achieve that notion. I don’t want people to consider my Digital Exhibition and Physical Exhibition piece as two separate entities, but rather each as one part of a whole. I think this helps them compliment each other and also makes the viewer aware of the existence of a physical artefact, like how I made the viewer aware of a Digital Artefact at the beginning of my book.

This photograph appears at the end of the video, and carries a lot of weight for me. I wanted it to be there as a full stop to this project. I am not hiding behind angles or makeup. It is a straight on self portrait of me in my truly comfortable state of being, undeterred by the knowledge that these people will see me in a baggy t-shirt and unprotected by my barriers of make-up and attractive clothing. I wanted the viewer to see me in this light to put a face to the images in my book. I believe that adding this will hopefully make the viewer feel more connection and empathy towards the project and its purpose/ meaning.