This has been an incredible term for me in so many ways. The sheer amount of emotion I have placed into my final project has turned this into something that means so much to me.

Overall, I am incredibly happy with my #Picbod journey. I feel that I have experimented in so many different ways and really had the opportunity to explore different outlets of photographic creativity.The Nude and Naked task was what really put me on the road to my final piece. It pushed my personal boundaries and made me really consider what I wanted to show through my work.

I had to develop my ideas and photographs to suit each other, and feel that this was a very interesting experience for me and my work processes.

My favourite part of this project was probably the sheer amount of thought and feeling I put into this project, especially after being intent on doing a Artefact that would of allowed me to stay detached. The change in direction challenged me in a way I really enjoyed and has helped me grow as a photographer in confidence.

The video was difficult for me technically, and I have always hated listening to my own voice, but it was really fantastic to have the opportunity to communicate my ideas in a different medium and be able to see them come together fluidly.

If I was to change anything about this project, I would spend more time on the Digital Exhibition piece, and book out a Canon 5D instead of using my Canon 550D, as for some reason my camera would automatically stop the recording so I was relying on taking multiple different videos and stringing them together. I would also like to remake my photo book with pages that were not all just on the right. Though I am really happy with my photo book overall, making some of the pages double-sided so there was images on the left hand side as well could of been an interesting addition to it as a whole. I need to get more confident with printing things out of my comfort zone (like double sided images).

In conclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed #Picbod, and do not regret choosing it as my module one bit. The exhibition has been an incredibly stressful part for everyone involved, but I am confident that our hard work and effort will pay off, and either way, being able to say that we arranged our own exhibition is something that everyone can be proud of being able to say.