Antony Luvera

  • luvera.com
  • @Anthony_Luvera
  • ab8571@coventry.ac.uk
  • Work – ‘Not Going Shopping’ – working with queer people in Brighton
  • My Genderation: production company created by Fox, one of the people in the project
  • Really interesting work
  • Think about audience and context
  • Book: Queer in Brighton

Term and a Half

Whitechapel Gallery


My Symposium Idea Talk

‘Why do we never see photographs of rape’ Ariella Azolay

Germain Greer

Naomi Kleins

Andrea Dawkin

Civil Contract of Photography.

How rape culture is represented

Visual culture

‘Photography a Critical Introduction’ Liz Wells

‘Photography’ Stephen Bull

Speak to people in media and communication: Gemma Cumain, Adrian Evans (not straight away, work with Anthony first and do own research)