For our first task we have been told to work in groups to create ‘Alienated Sensory Mash-ups’. The set-up is one of us will be blind, and only able to record sounds they hear, while the other is deaf and able to take photographs of there surroundings.

We then post our creations onto public areas for all people in PHONAR to use to create their own ‘mash-ups’ of sight and sound.

We are free to create our own mash-ups with our creations, and can also do it solo if we so choose. I have a couple of ideas of things I can do with my audio that if I have the time I would really like to attempt.

I was in a group of three with Aaron Sehmar and Jenny Stonely. We each took turns being Blind, Deaf and simply someone who led the blind. We all now have pictures and audio that correlate with one of each others counterparts.

I think the concept is really fascinating, and though I was nervous at first, now that I have my audio and photographs, I am really looking forward to experimenting and seeing what I can create. I think our sensory alienation was successful, and can’t currently think of anything we could of done differently to improve. Especially considering the concept itself is open to interpretation and doesn’t have a definitive set of rules of how to approach, which can be incredibly nerve-wracking to consider.

I have uploaded my photographs and audio to Flickr and Soundcloud on the Phonar groups. I have also updated my Twitter with this information, as I am trying to use the social media site as a tool for this module which I can put to good use.