What I took away from this interview:
The Changing face of photography Fred Ritchin spoke about how photo editing has given way to a society that no longer accepts photographs as the definitive truth. He commented on how if you change the words of an author, you diminish their voice and power, and you are doing the same if you edit someones photographs. Things as simple as cropping can drastically change a photographs meaning. In this instance, a picture editor has more power than a photographer.Ritchin also talks about how he believes photography (especially documentary photography) should be about being useful to the world, not just about taking photographs, this is something I can wholeheartedly agree with. Not everything Ritchin discusses is a negative slant on technology. Ritchin also discusses the new possibility with more accessible digital media to see an event through multiple different perspectives, not just a single point narrative. This builds a larger picture than we could of ever seen before from a single photographers camera. With the accessibility of cameras to everyone, being a photographer is no longer what is important, it is how you edit and process those images, and the narrative you tell through them, that is important, and what will set you apart from the mainstream amateur photography.

I am far to excited that Fred Ritchin did an interview with my lecturer for Phonar. It’s awesome! The concepts he brings forwards are ones I have been aware of, but he really has a way of showing you just how important these discussions are, and that they have a much wider affect on society than might be originally thought. I think this interview is fascinating, Ritchin is so confident about what he speaks about. He has a wealth of knowledge spanning so many years, his insight into how the future is shaped by and shapes photography seems so spot on it’s eery. He reminds of the dystopian future fiction writers like Margaret Atwood, that feel less fictitious as time goes on.

We as a group have been posting our notes on Twitter, I have created a ‘story’ on Storify to culminate theses Tweets in one place.