This weeks task has us looking at Michael David Murphy’s ‘Unphotographable’ posts. We are to choose a post, and create a multimedia narrative of the description. ‘Use our own images, new or from your archive and you should create a accompanying sound-scape.’

I chose this post:

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 23.50.29

Sadly I became rather ill this week, so couldn’t recreate this post in the way I wished to.

PHONAR 'storyboards' This was a quick sketch for the idea I had for recreating it originally (the post office one was from another post I looked at), but being ill restricted what I could do. So, instead, I decided to draw on the idea that you can recreate a situation in peoples minds with just small aspects of the chosen concept. Thinking this as an opportunity to test my ability to react without all of the resources I would of liked to, I gathered from my room what I believed would be useful as props (luckily I have an old, black, leather-bound bible!), picked previously recorded sounds and photographs that I thought I could manipulate to fit, and took the rest of the photographs in my room.

I used close-up shots with a 24mm lens so the lack of a suitable background didn’t affect the subject, and used previous photographs of Coventry I had taken to flesh out the idea.

I struggled with the audio, trying to use Adobe Audition for the first time didn’t work for me and I think it has come out to quiet. Also, I was unsure what audio would recreate the situation in peoples minds.

However, I completed the task, edited the pictures to make them feel colder for a February morning and made a short video to collate the images and audio together using Adobe Premier Pro. I am not entirely happy with it in a broader view, but with the situation and resources I had to my disposable, I am happy I was able to create something for the task.