• Writing a proposal
  • 500-700 words main proposal
  • Bibliography is in addition to 500-700 words limit
  • 5 minute pitch

Daniel C. Blight

  • Writes about images and culture
  • ‘Chandelier Project’
  • Editor at photographer gallery
  • Written for mainstream media
  • Exhibition making
  • danielcampbellblight.com
  • First started writing in 2007
  • 2007-2009 set up gallery – was finishing post grad at the time
  • Journalism, art criticism, theory, academic writing, has begun writing outside of an academic context. Trying to avoid pigeon holing of
  • Try to got ideas across using language: instead of buzzwords, uses colloquialisms
  • Chandelier Project
  • chandelierprojects.com
  • Karen Moore Studio
  • Project space
  • Emphasis on photographic images in a experimental sense
  • ‘London Dust’
  • Jonathan Murphy: Cyanotypes
  • Interested in transient nature of photography
  • Artistic and scientific practice style
  • Origami roses submerged in cyanotype emulsion so they change colour over time.
  • No limits to what you can print on
  • Taking something traditionally photographic and seeing how it might extend to a more contemporary sense
  • Can see exhibitions online nowadays
  • Online images have become their own form of currency separate from the physical
  • Michael Grieve: anxiety, existentialism, death


Kate Mcmillan

  • katemcmillan.net
  • Graduated in 1994
  • Just completed P.H.D: things way are concealed, trauma in landscapes
  • Interested in how the photograph image can engage viewers in an empathetic or felt experience.
  • ‘Islands of Incarceration’
  • Commissions writers to write about your work
  • Use writing process to collaborate your process
  • Likes working with writers as it creates a forum to talk about your ideas.

Anthony Luvera


  • United Labour
  • Traitorous cooperation with the enemy

Who does collaboration benefit?

What does the artist do with the photographs?

  • More than just considering an image
  • Work by an outside observer will always inevitably be reductive in some way?
  • Good intentions will mask the power imbalance between subject and photographer
  • Put power into the hands of the powerless: if you are the one taking the photographs how are you giving them the power?
  • Anthony Luvera put the power in the hands of the powerless: gave people disposable cameras, so we could see what they were interested in.
  • Gave insight to what there life really was
  • ‘Art on the underground’
  • Stories he heard were really interesting
  • Didn’t just want to show random photos of homeless people – wanted to tell a story
  • Point was to involve these people in the creative process and give them a voice, not just take pictures

Residency (2006-2008)

Photography Journal ‘Photographies’

‘Not Going Shopping’

  • Queer people living in Brighton