What have I taken away from this:
Stephen Mayes and Fred Ritchins interview was fascinating because they had such drastically different views on whether technology and the media and it’s relationships with photography were positive or negative. One thing I truly agree with, is how ‘liking’ something online creates the illusion of helping with no real input. It makes people complacent. Another fascinating point that really grabbed my attention was the idea that we have become so over-saturated with images of violence that people look at them and feel they can’t help so do nothing. They have become entertainment, something to share on social media as something horrific without then doing something to help.The discussion of how online media has caused a dispersion of information, instead of a single front page for people to rally around is an interesting conversation, and I definitely agree with Stephen Mayes point of view more so. Ritchins statements are not untrue, but I feel my personal experience with online media actually makes information readily available to a younger audience, while newspapers are geared more so to an older audience. Also, if you buy a newspaper, it’s usually aimed at you as an audience that already agrees with the statements of the newspaper. However, with the internet you see a larger array of information from multiple points of view, and it becomes easier to source information. It’s not perfect, but I do believe it’s preferable to newspapers as the primary source of information.

This is my Storify for the interview I have linked to above.