The statistics I have researched and my essay don’t specify rape towards Transgender people, nor does it specify sexual violence towards POC.

The Transgender community, queer people, and people of colour are statistically more likely to experience rape and sexual violence than white, straight or cis individuals. This is a distressing fact that needs to be appropriately addressed and brought to public light.

However, I am focusing on Photography and Rape Culture, so do not feel that I can give the issue the in depth conversation it deserves. Also, as I am not in those demographics, I would be talking from a position to privilege. I feel that if I was to talk about rape towards the mentioned demographics, I would want to give it its own personal presentation, giving it its deserved spotlight, rather than just a side-note to reinforce my point. I would also want to work with members of those communities, and create my presentation as a spotlight on their views and experiences rather than enforcing my own on the situation.

I feel quite distressed that I can’t include everything in this presentation, but I feel that if I tried to, I would spread to thin, and sound like I wasn’t accentuating how important this discussion is. I don’t want to be unintentionally insulting towards people by talking about the potential dangers faced by them and not giving it enough time to reinforce why this is a societal problem reinforced by rape culture that needs to be addressed.