The term Hyper-masculinity means the exaggeration of traditionally assumed masculine traits.

Within photography, this can be potentially troublesome for teaching young men how it is considered appropriate to act.

The same way that women are bombarded with images of slim models who have been photoshopped to unattainable perfection, and are regularly displayed as submissive to men, male models are commonly shown as being muscular, sexually domineering, aggressive and unemotional/ stoic beings.

The article ‘What Advertisements Directed Toward Men Are Really Selling’ explains,

‘Hypermasculinity portrays violence and physical aggression as manly ideals; it promotes a world where all of male life is a struggle of dominance of others, where sex is a matter of power and female submission rather than one of intimacy and mutual pleasure and that any “feminine” emotions are to be repressed.’

This constant bombardment links into my previous post regarding rape culture and advertisements. Not only are we reinforcing in society a belief that sexual violence is attractive, but we are also telling men that they must be entirely stoic beings devoid of emotion, that being aggressive and sexual beings is the only appropriate way to be, otherwise you are not ‘a real man’.

Advertising pigeon holes men and women into assumed gender roles that do not conform to how the majority of society truly are, yet society still desperately attempts to conform to it.

This is an important point to make regarding advertisement, as Rape Culture does not just have a negative affect on women, but rather the whole of society in all forms.

There is a dangerous link between sex and aggression that is portrayed as positive in Advertisements again and again, and is a constant streaming of reinforcement to rape culture within society.