This is the Cello piece created by Jill Jarman and performed by Laura Ritchie.

It has such an amazing culmination of notes that I really wanted to draw on the emotions that can be elicited from a listener with different sounds. I wanted a combination of jarring and uncomfortable noises with calming tones that draw the viewer into an almost false sense of security.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 02.50.32
After increasing the volume of the piece Adobe Audition, I began picking parts that I thought would be effective at different point in the video, and connecting them to the images I was creating. Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 02.50.38
phonar words beginning
I quickly added a beginning ‘page’ to my video, with simply the name of the task and #Phonar.

For the Images, I had always intended to have a mixture of words and photographs, and considering how well received my Spoken Narrative had been, I thought it was appropriate to quote that piece for this one.

phonar final1 phonar final2 phonar final3 phonar final4

I went for a minimalist addition of words, as I wanted to keep things simple and not draw away attention from one thing specifically. It’s a difficult balance to maintain but I think I succeeded.

These images appear in the video to a much harsher part of the musical piece, after a more soothing part with the photographs not accompanied by words.
My intention is for the viewer to see the images as aesthetically pleasing, without knowledge of what they refer to. I then repeat the images with the additional information, to much more aggressive, jarring notes.

I was only able to create four images, so I decided to continue the video with words only after this point. The music begins to soothe here as well, bringing the viewers out the other side to a ‘happy ending’ of sorts.

Phonar final words1

I wanted the positive elements I had added to my Spoken Narrative to be here in the Post Photographic Portrait. It’s a truthful representation of my personal narrative through the past seven years.

After this moment, I have included the Spoken Narrative and the creation of this work into my personal story, to give people an impression the impact this work has had on my personally by giving my a voice.

Phonar final words2 phonarmusicnames
The below quote is from my blog post regarding my Spoken Narrative, and was quoted by Jonathan Worth in his post regarding it.
I think it creates a full stop to the Narrative while making it clear that this is not a completely done and dusted event. It will be with me all my life, and countless others go through the same. But this doesn’t make this a unhappy ending, it’s just a realistic one, with hope of using a bad experience to make change instead of allowing it to continue.

We have to be active, not reactive photographers. I want to do that with this. I am reacting to an experience, but I am acting in the hope of stopping others feeling the similar emotions I felt of isolation and blame, while also informing viewers in a way that hopefully creates a chance for them to understand a small amount of the complex and wide reaching effects this kind of trauma has on someone.
phonarquote phonarlinks

I have included a link to the Phonar website, my blog and my Spoken Narrative for reference. I think it’s appropriate to give people the ability to research further if they wish to, and I wouldn’t be creating this if it wasn’t for the Phonar module.