These are the photographs I have edited for the Post Photographic Portrait task.

I decided to crop them to a square image as I thought that created a more interesting image than the usual portrait or landscape rectangles. This also means I have a bit more freedom with sizes to add text to the photos for the video I wish to create.

Once again, I have drawn over the images to map out my thought process and help me progress in my decision making.


Phonar Photo Edits-1


Phonar Photo Edits-2
Phonar Photo Edits-3
Phonar Photo Edits-4
Phonar Photo Edits-5
Overall, I think the second, third, fifth and eighth are the best photographs to take forward for the set.
Though aesthetically I prefer some of the other images for the angles or colours, those images work well ‘together’, while the others work better as individual photographs.
I want them as part of a set in a video, so some consistency of composition and aesthetic is, for me personally, necessary to create a flowing narrative.

There are some technical problems for me, relating to the quality of some these photographs, but overall I am happy with them and am happy to take them forward in the editing process to create a video using the cello piece.