These are the photographs I have taken for the Post Photographic Portrait task, the final task for Phonar.
It took a while to locate a high vis jacket, but I was quite set on having that as one of the photographs.

The objects were chosen based on different things they remind me of the situation, thought it was necessary for the narrative to choose things that seem so simple and ordinary to others, but have a much more significant meaning to me personally. In doing so, I hope to lead people into a false sense of security, and then add the informing element that will hopefully shock and make them feel a level of empathy and understanding for the situation:

High Vis Jacket – He always wore one, I once saw somebody in one with mildly similar hair and I panicked because I instantly thought it was him.

Cigarette – pretty basic, he always smoked, stole money from me once to buy tobacco. Certain smells used to remind me of him and give me flash backs.

Rosary Beads – he stole them from me, it took me so long to get them back. He would mock me about him having them.

Butterfly Necklace – Nathan’s first year anniversary present to me, I am never not wearing it. It’s the best thing to represent things improving for me.

I could not find all the objects I wanted to work with, but I can choose to take it forward for my final exhibition if I want, at which point I can locate the objects necessary to make this idea the best I think I could be.

I have written on my contact sheet to help me decide what images to move forward with.

Phonar Photos-1 Phonar Photos-2