Project Unbreakable is a project by photography student Grace Brown. It was started in 2011 when she was 19 years old.

Speaking to Huffington Post in 2012, she said,

‘I created Project Unbreakable as a way of spreading awareness to an issue that isn’t talked about anywhere near as much as it should be,’
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The Photographs with the combination of words and image shed light on issues victims of sexual assault face, both During and after the crime.

This can include:

  • what the abuser said
  • how it made them feel
  • unsupportive/ disbelieving family, friends and/ or authorities

Grace Brown has photographed over 600 survivors ( while also include an online submission option that allows survivors to send in their own photos to the project. This has extended its reach worldwide, with the tumblr having a 3-5 month backlog of photo submissions.

Project Unbreakable acts as a platform for victims to have a voice regarding their own experiences.

It raises awareness while also garnering support.

This could be considered a better way to move the public to understanding and acting against rape, rather than showing real rape images, because it puts a face to the experience, while also showing the strength of the victims for surviving. It breaks down the ingrained social barriers surrounded around talking about rape, that push survivors to remain quiet out of fear of judgement.

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I believe the combination of works and photos is what makes the project so powerful. When you use photographs you make it harder for the viewer to disassociate themselves from the subject. It makes it more real/ emotive when you show it is real people who have been through it.

I want to include Project Unbreakable as I believe it is breaking down barriers in regards to society and talking about rape.

I also believe it is a high note to end the presentation on, showing a positive way photography can be used to help victims and let them have control over their own representation.