My talk with Caroline was incredibly useful, and has helped me work out a lot of decisions with regards to the direction of my project.

She believes that the combination of Still Lives, Portraits and Landscapes could work very well, but she needs to see images.

She also thinks that the photograms don’t give any kind of emotional connection for the audience, and I believe she is correct. They are easy to create and aesthetically pleasing, but they do not elicit the same emotional response as normal photos, and are therefore not suitable for my very emotionally charged work.

Caroline gave me multiple tips on how to photograph better landscapes and portraits, and suggested that the self portraits on the white background could be incredibly striking if I could make them strong enough.

I believe they show a level of control on my part and mean the audience isn’t distracted by the background, so I will take Caroline’s advice and work on improving them technically.

I now have a solid plan of action for over Easter. I hope to have all my photos taken ready for development and printing on my return. I also need to experiment with the picture of my abuser if I can find it like David Moore Suggested.

It will then come down to printing and developing a solid idea for the creation of my final piece.