I have had multiple appointments with different tutors and practitioners to get consistent feedback on my work and be given suggestions of possible ways to take it further.

I found David Rule especially helpful, giving me ideas for sequencing, presentation and printing.

He also thought my idea for my project name ‘When Butterflies Die’, was very striking and something that would grab attention, which has made me feel a lot more confident in my work in general.

Anthony suggested I consider not doing my work in a book, which I have considered and reflected upon, but ultimately decided against. His suggestion was to have the work on the wall stuck on with pins, and while I can imagine it looking aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t fit with the control over the narrative I wish to maintain. And I don’t believe I can present an as intimate piece of work for the audience to interact.

I am having a large fibre based print framed on the wall above my book to act as a ‘flagship’ image and draw people in, but otherwise I am confident in my decision to have my work presented in book form.