I found my abuser online.

I don’t think it was mentally safe for me to do this, and it was incredibly upsetting to see his face after seven years. I didn’t realise just how happy I was not knowing where he was and believing he could be in a prison or dead.

However, I have experimented with it and decided against it for more than just the reason that it makes me uncomfortable.

I never went to the police, so there is no evidence of what he did to me. With this, if I had this picture in my book, it could be accused of defamation of character, and cause me more stress than I wish.

Also, this project is about me, not him. I don’t want his face in it, he makes me feel physically sick.

This is as much about therapy for me as it is creating a body of work, so he will only be mentioned and his actions described.


On the bright side, he has got fat and bald in seven years. It’s the little things you have to take away in life.