I began by outlining a plan of action for my project, mainly research based.

I then moved onto researching and discussing the potential mediums I could use within my project.

The Mamiya RB67 is seeming the most appealing to me currently. I am quite confident with it, and it would let me have very intimate control over the creation of my work.


I then moved onto looking into my previous work, and how it related and had influenced my idea for my Final Major Project. PHONAR was the first time I had discussed my rape in front of a audience, and is the primary influence for my Final Major Project Idea. I used both words and images for my PHONAR piece, and photographed objects relating to moments in my narrative. This is an idea I can potentially take forward with me through my FMP.

I also touched upon my PICBOD work, as this was the first time I had focused heavily on self portraits and looked at a subject that isn’t usually openly talked about.

The list of Artists I have currently researched are:
Project Unbreakable
Gillian Wearing
Sara Davidmann
Henry Hargreaves
Rosy Martin
John William Keedy
Jo Spence
Briony Campbell
Kirsty Mitchell
Sally Mann

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Sally Mann and Sara Davidmann have been the most notably influential so far. They have given me the idea for physically scratching into my images to create a physical representation of something not viewable. Briony Campbell has also given me the idea for a combination of different types of images, such as self portraits and still lives.

I have started developing current ideas based on research, and will continue to develop them as I go along.
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