My name is Emma Shea, I come from Gravesend, Kent and I am currently studying a photography degree at Coventry University.

I try to utilize my faults to be an advantage when it comes to my work. My OCD means I obsess over tasks, analyzing every detail and mapping my thought process. Though sometimes this means I struggle to relinquish control over my pieces, I have to struggle to just let my work flow it’s desired course and have been focusing on letting the imperfections in a photo become a part of the work, instead of obsessively correcting and perfecting.

I am still unsure as to what my ‘style’ is, though hopefully this degree will help me focus and figure that out.

I am, however, sure of what I want to do when I graduate. I wish to become a teacher. To begin with at secondary school level but hopefully, one day, at degree level.

That’s me … Enjoy.

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