Meant to reflect a real life situation. Not given much information. Expected to respond quickly when new information is given.


  • Plan and produce a collaborative media object, performing a critical and creative analysis on a given brief.
  • Reflect on you own learning to date and use it for this project
  • Situate your work within your personal and professional development

Syllabus & Calendar

Today: form groups, brainstorm ideas, book/ prepare kit if needed

Week of May 19th: One day trip to mystery place, project brief (assigned of the coach), data collection on site, half a day

Week of June 2nd: Groups showcase projects, groups assessed

Field Trip Logistics

  • Groups 1-10 Monday 19th
  • Groups 11-20 Wednesday 21st
  • Groups 21 to 30 Thursday 22nd
  • Fairfax St. Bus Stop
  • 9.30 am
  • back by 5pm

That’s the Spirit

  • Be proactive and think on your feet
  • Cope with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Make sense of a non immediately straightforward situation
  • Autonomously find out any information needed
  • When uncertain, take decisions and educated guesses
  • Work effectively with new people under tight deadlines
  • Work creatively on an extremely open brief