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With the perfect cover and a strong sequence for my images, I have now begun putting together the whole of my book. I have researched multiple different tutorials on how to build books, and luckily Jason helped me create a cover I could work into quite easily.

It took a whole day to do, but my book is finally put together.

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The only thing I have left to do is write in my words. I have practiced with my calligraphy pen, but am concerned that it won’t be as effective as if I just use my normal handwriting. I may have to do a combination of the two?


The talk I had with David Moore was interesting. He suggested that I find images of my abuser, something that I don’t know if it was entirely appropriate to do. However, I understand where he is coming from, so will consider it an avenue of research at the least.



Susan Sontag – On Photography

Roland Barthes – Camera Lucida


Hello world!

Hi there,

I have started this blog for my photography degree and plan to use it as a way to showcase my work, document ideas and thought processes and hand in projects. It will be like a online art journal, which is something I have never really succeeded at doing before so this is an interesting experience for me.