I named the work ‘Skin’ to allude to what the book is focusing on, while also hopefully placing the thought in the viewers mind to think about the concept of peoples skin as a whole while viewing the book.

The size I chose for this book (7x7inches) was chosen so that the viewer would have to get close to the artefact to view the contents. This isn’t some large print they can stare at from a distance, but an intimate artefact they must handle with care. I also wanted a small book to give the impression of how I feel about my skin and the imperfections that are this artefacts contents. If I had created a large book I feel that would of suggested confidence with my body. But a smaller more delicate creation, hand bound and the only solitary physical creation I have made for the project (no large prints to accompany it) reflects a much more scared, uncomfortable intimacy with the contents that truthfully reflects my dislike for my imperfections.

Hopefully, this intimacy will impact on the viewer, and make them understand a little bit more about myself and maybe, I hope, even their own personal perceived imperfections of their body.

As I have said before … If I can make one person walk away feeling a little bit more comfortable in their own skin, then I would consider this project a success.